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JET GA wing pure racing
  • JET GA wing pure racing
  • JET GA wing pure racing
  • JET GA wing pure racing

JET GA wing pure racing

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prenotalo ora, consegne a fine febbraio (50mq-5,5  & 6,2 mq sono già in produzione ora)

The first-ever pure racing wing, the GA Wings JET, was the wing of choice for Maddalena and Nicolò on their journey to the world and vice world championship titles. The construction of this wing makes it a truly unique tool for racing, combining lightness, stability and speed potential.


Color: White
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 The 2023 Wing Foil Racing season was an impressive display of our team's performance as well as the progression and potential of the development of our dedicated racing gear. Maddalena Spanu won the world championship title and Nicolò Spanu became vice world champion using the upcoming Tabou FLYING SAUCER board and the GA Wings JET racing wing.


The JET is constantly under development and will be updated with the latest innovation to remain the benchmark on the racing course in the future. The first batch production wings were shipped to riders and shops already and the feedback has been amazing, which makes us even more excited to officially reveal the JET today!

The JET 5.0, 5.5 and 6.2 are being produced now and more sizes are in the final stages of development already.


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