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TABOU Twister new Freestyler
  • TABOU Twister new Freestyler
  • TABOU Twister new Freestyler
  • TABOU Twister new Freestyler
  • TABOU Twister new Freestyler

TABOU Twister new Freestyler

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The Twister dares you to push the boundaries of freestyle windsurfing, inspiring you to expand your skills and master new moves and combinations.

With its high-entry rocker and a narrow rear foot section, the Twister maximizes acceleration and top speed, delivering incredible pop for higher and more radical rotations.

Size Board: 93L
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While the exceptional pop gives you the airtime needed for the latest power moves, the compact outline facilitates quicker and more controlled rotations.

The Twister 103 model shares the latest updates of the 93 version, ensuring that both newcomers and hardcore freestyle windsurfers can enjoy the same pure freestyle performance.

Featuring boxy rails and a deep V-bottom shape, the Twister offers forgiveness during maneuvers and superior control in various conditions, increasing your chances of landing more moves than ever before.

Jump aboard the Twister, push your own limits and redefine the boundaries of gravity!

We put all our efforts into the development of boards that are built to last, but still lightweight and performance oriented. Finding this balance is a constant challenge, but these nuances make the difference between a good board and a great board.

Each Tabou board features exactly the right mix of different design traits and technologies for its application area to provide every surfer with the right board for his demands.

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